How Big of a Solar Panel System Do I Need?

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How to determine the size of a solar panel by answering the question: “how big of a solar panel system do I need?”

How Big of a Solar Panel System Do I Need to HaveSolar energy is one the best ways to get renewable energy cheap and consistently.

Provided there is sunlight that reaches the panel, you will always have power in the house.

However, just because you want to use solar power doesn’t mean you buy the next panel that you come across, because the size of the panel does matter. Every solar panel will have its own specifications and energy output and this is why you can’t just buy any size or type.

So the question remains: how big of a solar panel system do I need to have?

This is a question that many people ask and is best answered by

explaining a few factors which go into the size of the solar panel system that’s right for you.

How Big of a Solar Panel System Do I Need to Have?

1. Know How Much Energy You Need the Solar Panel to Give

This is usually the very first step that needs to be dealt with as soon as you start considering installing a solar panel. This is because your solar panel system has to be large enough to collect and produce enough electricity that conventional electricity was formerly covering. To do this, you’ll need to do is carefully analyze your past bills and determine how much power you have been consuming. Then you’ll need to calculate to see how big the solar panel system should be to cover that energy need.

A solar panel produces power through photovoltaic cells and each cell has an output of 0.5 volts no matter how big the panel is. Using this, you can then determine how many of the cells will be needed to produce and the power you’ll need. This calculation will then help to determine your solar panel system size.

2. Determine How Much Space You Have For the Solar Panel

Once you’ve done your calculations and determined how big your solar panel system needs to be, the next thing is to see how much space you have available.

It will serve no purpose to buy the solar panels and not have enough space to install them. Please note that the solar panel system should be installed in such a way that it receives direct sunlight. This means that no shadows can be allowed to fall on it. The best way to do this is to have a solar expert inspect your roof and advice you on the best place to install the panel.

3. Keep Your Budget in Mind

Many people might think that this is the most important factor – but it really falls third on the list. This is because what’s most important is the amount of energy needed, first and foremost.

Once you have determined that, then you are ready to buy the solar panel system. Panels have their own prices and you need to shop around to see how much the size you need costs. Remember to factor installation costs in your budget as well. Once you complete these calculations, you’ll be ready to buy your solar panel system.

Conclusion: How Big of a Solar Panel System do I Need to Have?

The three factors above are the main determinants of how big of a solar panel system you should have. Once you have carefully considered each factor, you’ll have the necessary information needed to make a panel purchase with your solar panel installer. If need be, you can have a solar expert guide on each of the steps to make sure you don’t miss anything.

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