How Much Do Solar Roof Shingles Cost?

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Solar shingles are very cool…but how much do solar roof shingles cost?

solar roof shingles costOne of the common questions you’d ask if you were looking to buy something is the cost.

After all, if you’ve got to put your money into something, it’s got to be worth the investment you put into it.

Considering utilities are the most common items on your bill, putting money into lowering that bill is not a bad idea, especially if you can save the environment while saving your cash. That’s why solar roof shingles are such an efficient way to solve quite a few problems –  they are low-cost, cover your roof as effective as any shingles, and are environmentally sound.

Unfortunately, solar shingles had a pricing problem when they were first introduced to the world, but Dow Powerhouse’s new design has allowed for the pricing of the shingles to drop considerably.

Solar Roof Shingles Cost in 2005

Even before the first solar roof shingles came out, the price to convert sunlight into electricity had dropped around 95% in thirty years.  When the first solar shingles came out, they were developed with silicon, which is a heavier and more expensive design.

The fact that the shingles were heavier also slowed down the installation process, also increasing the cost. Add in the fact that the silicon design was not durable and had continuous malfunctions, and the costs were already mounting higher than most solar panels. Even with the Energy Policy Act giving up to 30% in tax credit, the total bill for solar roof shingles back then was a handful.

Dow’s Solar Roof Shingles

In the 2010’s, Dow Powerhouse created a new design for solar roof shingles, replacing silicon with CIGS photovoltaic cells, which are much thinner, lightweight, and durable.CIGS is a representation of the combination of copper, indium, gallium, and selenide.

The design is called thin-film solar roof shingles, and they are guaranteed to improve upon silicon shingles in every way. The installation is timed at about 10 hours, which is less than half of the original time, and the thin-film shingles are rated to endure any kinds of weather, including heavy snowfall and natural occurrences such as house fires.

What makes Thin-Film Less Expensive?

The thin-film design has two advantages in the way that they are far more efficient than the silicon design, and they are also a major decrease in cost. The installation time is half of what it was, causing the solar roof shingles cost to dramatically decrease with the new technology.

The product itself is also less pricey due to a major decrease in size, which is only an improvement in the areas of durability and efficiency.  Dow states that 350 of their thin-film solar roof shingle panels will cut the price of your electric bill by about half. And the combination of various incentives and the Energy Policy Act drop the price of the product down to the price of solar panels.

Solar Roof Shingles Cost Now: Are They A Big Investment?

The use of solar energy for our benefit has come a long way in the last fifty years, and finally there’s an opportunity for a product that can use solar energy and be cost efficient.  Thin-film shingles are presented as the innovation in solar energy, improving upon solar panels in cost and silicon solar shingles in durability and price.

In fact, Dow claims that for every dollar you invest in their Solar Shingle System, four dollars are returned to you in the form of saving energy.  The bottom line is that modern-day solar roof shingles can solve quite a few problems as far as roofing, environmental awareness, and electricity, but, most importantly, they can turn a couple of your utilities into an investment in saving your money.

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