Solar Roof Tiles vs Solar Panels

Nov 17, 2014   //   by Russell   //   Solar shingles  //  No Comments

In the contest of solar roof tiles vs solar panels, who wins?

solar roof tiles vs solar panelsWhen it comes to environmental technology, you can’t deny that solar is one of the best to get into; the timing of solar coming into the advances of technology has allowed both solar panels and solar shingles to become some of the most common products available for homeowners and for the public sector and businesses, providing power at low costs and saving money and saving the environment. However, when comparing solar roof tiles vs solar panels to see what is the better solar technology to get, questions are raised as the two are both so common and well-running.

On the one hand, solar panels are an older technology, known to last decades, and continuously improving, as nowadays the different types of panels and accessories you can get as a solar panel system makes the overall solar panel buy a good move, and has the ability to be high-efficiency at the lowest costs possible. On the other hand, solar roof tiles are the two-for-one: the power of the solar panel with the ability to play the role of a roof tile, adding to the value and look of the home while playing the role of a solar panel; the only downsides being solar roof tiles is a newer technology.

Both solar panels and solar roof tiles are efficient at saving money and providing electricity to your home, eventually turning into an investment and allowing homeowners to join the green community in an extremely beneficial way by adding an asset to their home; however, when making the decision to get into solar, you need to decide between panels and tiles and figure out which suits your needs better. In the battle of solar roof tiles vs solar panels, which will get the job done for you? Which is more efficient, less expensive, more durable, easier to install? Read more >>